Sleep Apnea Treatment – Plainview, NY

Take Back Your Sleep, Protect Your Health

wife covering ears while husband snores

Snoring may seem like a minor annoyance (or not so minor to your bed partner), but it could actually be the sign of a much more serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Do you constantly feel tired throughout the day no matter how much sleep you get, or do you ever experience problems with focus, memory, or mood swings? If so, sleep apnea could be the culprit, and at Meadowbrook Dentistry, we can provide the treatment you need so you can rest easy tonight.

Why Choose Meadowbrook Dentistry for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Custom-Made Oral Appliances
  • Personalized Attention and Detailed Diagnoses
  • Modern Technology in a Relaxing Dental Office

What is Sleep Apnea?

arrows showing mans airways

When a person has sleep apnea, they actually stop breathing for brief periods of time throughout the night because the soft tissues in their mouth and throat have relaxed into the airway, obstructing it. When this happens, the body panics and partially wakes up to restore breathing. This can literally happen hundreds of times a night, robbing a person of the deep, restful sleep they need to feel awake throughout the day.

How Do We Treat Sleep Apnea?

man putting in oral appliance

Fortunately, we can prevent these cessations in breathing using a small, custom-made oral appliance. It will gently shift the jaw forward in order to keep the airway open and clear, allowing you to sleep peacefully through the night. Could a small mouthpiece be all you need to start feeling great in the morning again? Contact us today and start getting the rest you deserve.